by Manuel Vacelet



Focus on performances


  • story #8669 move a card directly at the top or at the bottom


  • story #8671 trigger jenkins build on svn paths
  • story #8608 Access Subversion with username/token instead of username/password

Project import / export


  • story #8672 Accessibility: services on the left menu
  • story #8712 See the project mandatory trove cats in the service usage statistics

Bug fix

In addition to that, 43 requests were fixed

How to install & test ?

As usual:

How to upgrade ?

Manuel Vacelet


Manuel Vacelet

As CTO of Enalean and Tuleap product owner within Enalean, Manuel’s mission is to keep Enalean’s tech team happy. This means providing our developers and other tech staffers with a challenging and rewarding work environment guided by a single philosophy: to be accountable to our customers in everything we do. Manuel spends much of his workday…you guessed it…reviewing code! He also dabbles in systems administration, continuous integration, and other software-engineering tasks.

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