Tuleap at MATIS Group: "We cut down on endless back-and-forth switches between many development tools"

MATIS Group, key player in engineering and advice in aerospace, health or defense, chose to implement Tuleap early 2015. Zoom on the story of Tuleap at MATIS with Lionel FAURE, System and Network Administrator.

Tuleap at Matis in a few words

  • Industry : Engineering & advanced technology consulting
  • Challenge: centralize on one single softwareall actions related to the management of their application life cycle and produce better code.
  • 70 users
  • 20 software projects managed with v-cycle methologies
  • Tuleap most used tools: Issue Tracking System, Git, Jenkins
  • Main gain with Tuleap:  more productivity, better quality code, time saving thanks to one-single entry platform

Matis Group Objectives

  • Acquire a tool integrating all the bug management functions, versioning, testing, etc.
  • Get of a solution that allows customers to access the project progress
  • Enable development teams to produce better quality software better and faster

Advantages of Tuleap

  • A libre and Open source ALM simple to use
  • A single tool to manage the whole project
  • Better quality software delivery

What Lionel says about Tuleap


“Previously we used to have a tool dedicated to the version management, another for managing bugs, yet another for testing! Our development teams lost huge amounts of time switching from one tool to another. We wanted to start from scratch, and get an  ALM tool, ideally Open Source, which centralises all these features. We wanted to cut down on endless back-and-forth swiches between many software development tools” explains Lionel.

"My research led me on specialized forums in which there was much talk of the strengths of Tuleap: accelerating software development, better traceability and control, real-time monitoring of projects progress, improved collaboration ... So many benefits that corresponded fully to the expectations of our teams. “ 


"We are really convinced by Tuleap. Our development teams are able to follow more precisely the different stages of each project, produce better code and therefore better quality software! “ 

"We think Tuleap Tracker tool is one of the most powerful and flexible on the market to manage our projects. It allows our developers to keep track of artifacts as diverse as bugs, tasks, tests, users stories, assistance tasks, etc… It allows us to track absolutely all items of our projects“ he adds.

"Our most demanding customers can access Tuleap and stay informed about the project's progress. They have complete visibility into the progress of their project. Tuleap is not only an excellent software engineering solution, it is also a valuable tool for collaborative work“ .

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