Wondering the differences between Tuleap and Jira? Have a look there. To be short, Tuleap is complete, Jira only covers part of teams’ needs. Tuleap is an all-in-one solution for agile and devops, Jira for project and issue tracking only. Let’s focus on Tuleap Trackers module and Jira to better understand the differences.

Jira can’t do it alone. Tuleap does.

alternative jira

In short, Jira simply cannot do everything Tuleap can on its own.
If you want to empower your teams with a complete agile development platform,  consider it carefully. Extension of the native functionality of Jira is done through additional plugins. Plugins are expensive to maintain, secure, and upgrade. With Jira, you will probably need Bitbucket, Confluence, and Bamboo as well…and the costs quickly add up.
In contrast, Tuleap comes with everything you need in one package! Tuleap provides all of the tools you need to create smart software: issue tracking, agile, Git, Subversion, Jenkins integration, and a document area. You can start reaping the benefits of greater efficiency right away. All in a single product. As you can see, Tuleap is the alternative to Jira plus other Atlassian tools.

Features comparaison of Tuleap Trackers and Tuleap Agile tools vs Jira Software

As we have seen, Tuleap is an all-in-one solution that provides much more capabilities than Jira software. The following comparison focuses only on Tuleap Tracker and Tuleap Agile tools (in green and orange in the diagram above) versus Jira Software. Remember to look at all other native modules included in Tuleap. Also, check out our complementary article to see the different concepts of Tuleap and Jira or to discover other tools comparisons to Tuleap.

open source issue tracking system

Issue tracking

BasicsTuleapJira software
Track any type of issue: tasks, bugs, requirements, stories green-check green-check
Unlimited trackers per project green-check green-check
Pre-configured trackers templates green-check green-check
Change history green-check green-check
Mass update green-check green-check
TRACABILITYTuleapJira software
Link issue backward-forward to other issues (ex: link an incident to a task) green-check green-check
Link issues backward-forward to software development items (ex: link a requirements to a wiki page, a bug to a revision and a job, a release to a file…) green-check red-cross
Additional product needed
Link issues back to third party tools (ex: link a Tuleap task to a CRM activity) green-check red-cross
Define artifact link nature (ex: resolved in, satisfied by) green-check green-check
Create corporate tracker template green-check green-check
Ability to customize trackers afterward green-check orange-cross
Limited. Only by platform admin
Ability for project leads to create new trackers from scratch green-check red-cross
Ability to modify trackers’ fieldsgreen-check
Both at platform and project level
At platform level only
Ability to choose the layout of the tracker formgreen-checkgreen-check
Project lead can modify fields according to a predefined listgreen-checkgreen-check
Project lead can add any type of new fieldsgreen-checkred-cross
Project lead can add new values in fieldsgreen-checkred-cross
Ability to modify tracker workflowgreen-check
Both at platform level and per project level
At platform level only
Define field dependencies (ex: if the resolution field gets the value “fixed”, then the status field is set to ” closed” green-check red-cross
Define authorized transitions green-check orange-cross
In advanced workflow only. By platform admin only
Project lead can define their own user groups to be used in the workflowgreen-checkred-cross
Project lead can define authorized user groups to make some specific transitions (ex: only group A can move a status from “to do” to “on going”) green-check red-cross
Project lead can define post functions after transitions (ex: when a task moves from “on goin” to “done”, then the remaining effort is set to “0” green-check red-cross
Set cross-tracker triggers (ex: when all sub-tasks are “done” then the parent task is automatically set to automatiquement à “completed”) green-check red-cross
Define triggers on developments tools at updates (ex: launch a jenkins job when the issue status is set to “under review”) green-check red-cross
Additional product needed

Agile project management

SCRUMTuleapJira software
Scrum to get startedgreen-checkgreen-check
Advanced Scrum (explicit backlog, fine-grained configurations) green-check orange-cross
Limited. By admin platform only
Release planification, versions, sprints green-check green-check
Backlog management green-check green-check
Drag’n drop green-check green-check
Selection of one or multiple issues green-check green-check
Effort and capacity monitoring green-check green-check
Scrum taskboard/cardwall green-check green-check
Fine-grained permissions green-check orange-cross
Limited. By admin platform only
Burndown chart green-check green-check
Link Scrum issues (stories, epics…) to source code source source, pull request, documents, deliveries green-check red-cross
Additional product needed
Customize planning hierarchy level (ex: release + sprints, or product + versions + weeks…)green-checkred-cross
Scrum at scale green-check green-check
KANBANTuleapJira software
Boards with visual cards green-check green-check
Drag ‘n drop green-check green-check
Real time update green-check green-check
Kanban multi-issues (ex: 1 single Kanban with issue of type “tasks” + type “bug”) green-checkgreen-check
Several Kanban by project (ex: two Kanban : one for tasks, one for bugsgreen-check green-check
Kanban multi-projects red-crossred-cross
WIP limit configuration per column green-check green-check
Swim lanesred-cross green-check
Workflow application in the Kanban columns (ex: restriction to directly move a card from “to do” to “achieved”) green-check red-cross
Link Kanban issues (stories, epics…) to source code source source, pull request, documents, deliveries green-check red-cross
Additional product needed
Customize columns name and numbers green-check orange-cross
Only by platform admin
Customize information displayed on cards green-check green-check
Filter cards by searches green-check green-check
Cumulative flowchart green-check green-check
HYBRID APPROACHESTuleapJira software
Scrumban, Kanplan, homemade processes green-check YEs


REPORTINGTuleapJira software
Charts : pies, bars, cumulative flow green-check green-check
Cardwalls green-check green-check
Personal dashboards with widgets green-check green-check
Team shared dashboards with widgets green-check green-check
Multi-dashboards by project (ex: tab “Dev”, tab PO, tab QA)green-checkNo
SEARCH IN TRACKERSTuleapJira software
Advanced Tracker Query Languagegreen-checkgreen-check
Search for multiple issue tracker green-check green-check
Search issues for multiple projectsgreen-checkred-cross
Charts updated in real-time to searchesgreen-checkred-cross
TIME TRACKINGTuleapJira software
Fields for time tracking (estimated effort, real effort, hours, …) green-check green-check
Time Tracking per issuegreen-checkgreen-check
Timer buttonred-crossgreen-check
Time Tracking on multiple project green-check red-cross
Time Tracking on a teamgreen-checkred-cross
Time Tracking per peoplegreen-checkred-cross
PERMISSIONS TuleapJira software
On tracker green-check green-check
On tracker field green-check red-cross
Create generic user groups green-check green-check
Create specific user groups per project green-check red-cross
NOTIFICATIONSTuleapJira software
Define generic notifications per tracker green-check green-check
Define notifications on each tracker of your project green-check red-cross
Per tracker canned responses green-check red-cross
Per tracker date reminders green-check No

Check Available with strong capabilities, orange-cross Limited, Not checked Not available

IMPORT-EXPORTTuleapJira software
Import/Export issues including attachements en historygreen-checkred-cross
Import/Export issues in CSV green-check green-check
green-check red-cross
Import/Export issues with APIs green-check green-check
Import/Export trackers’configurations in xml green-check red-cross

Software Development

TuleapJira software
Git code management at scalegreen-checkred-cross
Additional Atlassian product
Online code review (simple to advanced workflow) green-check red-cross
Continuous Integration with Jenkins green-check red-cross

Test Management-QA

TuleapJira software
Centralized Test Management for manual and automated campaigns (real-time monitoring, test steps, dashboards, … green-check red-cross

Document collaboration

TuleapJira software
Collaborative document management (wiki, folders, search, validation workflow…) green-check red-cross

By the way, Tuleap is Open Source. Jira is proprietary

This is all about freedom. While we are on the topic of freedom, it is important to consider whether or not a tool that you will populate with your organization’s knowledge will let you soar or clip your wings. What will happen to your organization’s data when your paid license ends, for example?

With proprietary tools, if you don’t pay, you can’t build software. With Tuleap, as it’s an open source tool, your freedom is guaranteed.

Standardizing software processes across the organization is something everyone agrees on. However, to be really efficient, project teams need to be able to tailor their workspace to the way they work…not the other way around!

With Tuleap, the top open source Jira alternative, project teams gain independence and efficiency. Tuleap lets project teams make simple changes that transform the way they work. They can create their own project user groups, add new values to trackers and configure their workflow transitions and development triggers.

Take your projects to the next level

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Manon Midy

Manon has been working in the software engineering world from 2008. She enjoys the challenge to create economic value for a company where innovation and open source are the DNA. She is convinced it’s possible to provide professional services embracing FLOSS values (open-mind, transparency, co-elaboration) with business objectives. She believes the real strength of Enalean comes from the valuable men and women in their teams, as well as the powerful Tuleap techno.