Very soon, a plugin Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse fully Open Source

At the occasion of the EclipseCon France, Ericsson, Obeo, and Enalean, join together to announce the upcoming release of Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse. Tuleap is the first Open Source tool for agile management fully integrated into Eclipse IDE. Ericsson, great Open Source sponsor, collaborate with Enalean and Obeo to build an Open Source solution, to fulfill its needs for agile management.

Finally, a 100% open source tool for agile management into Eclipse

To produce innovative applications, software developers at Ericsson are using Tuleap, the first 100% Open Source Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Ericsson's agile teams needed to access the Tuleap agile tools directly from within the Eclipse framework .

Now, thanks to the Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse, developers have the ability to access Tuleap agile tools (releases, sprints, card-wall, burn-down chart) directly from within their IDE, avoiding switching from tool to tool.

This Mylyn connector for agile projects, provides a uniform user interface inside the Eclipse IDE. Users can take advantage of well-known features such as the "task-focused interface", in which the IDE only shows the developer what matters for the on-going task, while bringing Tuleap agile management features. Developers can easily link a story to a new task and its related source code or update the card-wall by drag'n drop. It allows everyone to have a global picture of the project status and can keep tickets up-to-date.

Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse is entirely contributed in open source (EPL licence). It is about to be available at the beginning of July 2014 and will be installed in a few clicks by using the Eclipse marketplace or directly within Eclipse from Mylyn discovery UI. This places Tuleap as the first ALM in the market to provide an Agile connector for Eclipse in open source, freely downloadable for all.
  As a reminder for those who do not work with agile approches, the Tuleap Eclipse Mylyn connector is freely available. It has been just updated in the version 2.0, based on the new REST API of Tuleap.

Ericsson recognizes the French know-how

This project was born and raised by Ericsson foresight combined with Enalean's and Obeo's respective technical expertise. Enalean develops and provides Tuleap while Obeo is the expert in modeling technologies based on the Eclipse platform. Ericsson, Obeo and Enalean have been collaborating for several years.

Next to other international corporations, the Swedish company crowd-funds Tuleap developments by subscribing to the Open Roadmap. This innovative service provided by Enalean enables companies members of the Open Roadmap Club to drive Tuleap developments according to their actual final users' needs.  

Innovation born from the Open Roadmap, Tuleap Agile Planner for Eclipse is a small revolution in this market. There are only few software engineering tools entirely open source as full-featured as Tuleap and its Agile Planner. Enalean, its clients and partners continue their enterprise quality 100% open source strategy. They all have clearly understood that the future of software engineering tools is alongside open source communities where co-opetition and collective intelligence are the key words.

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