Video Demo-Work items tracking in Tuleap

One of the most powerful capability of Tuleap is to provide work item tracking overall the software development lifecycle. You get full traceability and proof of compliance. This video shows you how you can link requirements back to tasks, to source code, to jobs and to any items of your project, etc. 

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Tuleap Kanban - demo video- (1 min)

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Comments (2)

  • anon

    I see that you improved the traceability feature in your last release (9.17) thanks to the newsletter, and it's very interresting for me. However, I'm wondering how I can collect all these references in order to prove that my traceability is complete? I'm working using V cycle, with a customer specification as input which I translate into requirements: the goal is then that I derive these requirements into architecture reqs, which will also be derived into design reqs etc. But in the end, I need to make sure that all my customer requirements are covered, without having to clic on each of them into Tuleap: Is it planned to have a tool which can collect all of them and summarize the overall coverage status? Do you know tools which can do it already?
    I'm using this video comment area to post this since I think this could be interresting for others.
    Thanks in advance,

    Feb 08, 2018
  • anon

    Hi Julien, Thanks for your feedback. The Tuleap Test Management tool provides a traceability map where you get a global view of all linked artifacts with, for example requirements, releases, tests and bugs.

    Feb 26, 2018

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