Why should I better use Git into Tuleap rather than a Git elsewhere ?

Some Tuleap users are using Tuleap for agile planification and issue tracking only. Right. That's one of the power of Tuleap: you can use only the tools you need for each project.

But if you already use some Tuleap tools and are a Git guy running it on an external server, you should consider better use the Git tool provided into Tuleap. It is hosted on the same server. You could be even more productive.

Tuleap software development open source tool

Git into Tuleap makes life easier

  • get a centralized user management. Create user account and user groups from Tuleap. Rely on them to manage Git too.
  • get a centralized permissions management: delegate who can create and administrate repos
  • preconfigure your project so that your Git repos get the same configuration: i.e., permissions on branches, on tags
  • have only one server to maintain, not two

git user and permissions management

How to do?

Look at the dedicated pages of the documentation

Git into Tuleap makes you go fast

The Git integration into Tuleap is also valuable at development automation level. Trigger easily Jenkins jobs (or any other things) at Git pushes using webhooks.

git integration with jenkins

How to do?

Look at the dedicated pages of the documentation

Git into Tuleap keeps you into the loop

Track new Git pushes beeing notified by email (soon in your Mattermost tool!).

So many benefits! Move to Git into Tuleap.

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